The Land of the Free

“Resistance to tyranny becomes the Christian and social duty of each individual. … Continue steadfast and, with a proper sense of your dependence on God, nobly defend those rights which heaven gave, and no man ought to take from us.”

John Hancock
1st Signer of the Declaration of Independence

The Creation of our beautiful republic was an extremely unique undertaking. One thing that made it so unique was our founding fathers’ foresight regarding government overreach.

Our founding fathers knew there would be Government overreach and their solution to that overreach was that it would and should meet massive resistance from the citizenry. (We the people.)

This republic, created under God, became the land of the free—a nation overflowing with freedom, hope, and possibilities. A nation that peoples from all over the world strive to become a part of. Our founding fathers created the republic the people had hoped for, and it has been an incredible success.

Until now. Until our part came into play.

We the People Had a Job to Do

The founding fathers were right—government overreach came upon us.

They warned us. And our constitution not only allows us but compels us to meet that overreach with massive resistance. Our founding fathers may have been the ones to create this republic, but they made it clear that it’s our job to keep it.

 The overreach came, just as expected. And we failed.

We failed the test. Too many Americans failed the test. This republic cannot stand if We the People refuse to carry out our constitutional responsibility to keep it.

To my fellow Patriots:

Thank you for standing.

Thank you for fighting.

Thank you for believing in our constitution.

Thank you for not falling for the lie that our God-given and constitutional rights no longer apply.

Thank you for being willing to protect our children’s future freedoms.

Thank you for not believing the lie that it’s too late. If we ever fall for that lie, this beautiful land of the free will become a failed experiment.

Thank God for every Patriot who is resisting this massive government overreach. I mean that with every fiber of my being—I thank God for you.

To those Americans who have failed to carry out our responsibility to resist government overreach:

To those of who have willingly handed over our rights to assemble, to care for our loved ones, to buy and sell, to worship unhindered, to move freely through this land, make our own health care decisions, and most important, our constitutional right to resist.

To those, I say, “It’s never too late.”

You didn’t stand. You fell for the lie that government overreach was “for your good and for everyone’s good.”

You fell for the lie that it’s the government’s job to “keep us safe.”

You even believed that the government cares about your safety. They really don’t.

But it’s never too late. I’m asking you to reconsider. I’m asking you to let go of the lies you’ve been comforting yourself with. Stop telling yourself that you’re doing it for others. That’s the worst lie in all of this. You are doing it for you. You are uncomfortable making waves, so you comply. You comply for your own comfort, not for others.

America would never have been possible much less successful if we all believed the foolishness you say you believe.

I’m asking you to stop what you’re doing. Stop giving up your freedoms because when you give up your freedoms you put all of ours at risk.

It’s not too late. Start resisting this overreach today. Do it in love—that’s how I do it.

Americans must uphold our constitution. That’s not only our right—it’s our responsibility. That’s the only way this republic will stand. If we are going to claim the right to be a part of this republic, then we must do our part to keep it.

Please reconsider what you’re allowing to happen to this country.
I know this isn’t easy. But it’s our responsibility.


Please know that I believe everything we do should be done in love. We need to act on our conviction from the Lord, in love.



I’m Renee White – Author and Christian Life Coach for women.

I love helping Christian women, just like you, build a deeper, more intimate relationship with the Lord.




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