The Life-Changing Truth About Healing

It was only four short years ago that the Lord showed me a truth that radically changed my life. He showed me that in order to heal from my past wounds I must first address my own Negative Core Beliefs.

What are negative Core Beliefs, and why was identifying them so crucial to my healing? Because our Core beliefs are the subconscious beliefs that we hold to be true about ourselves, other people, and the world.


 These deep-rooted beliefs determine to what degree we believe we are valued, loved, successful, capable, and competent. They also establish our sense of belonging and our view of how we are treated by others. They are the deeply ingrained stories, convictions, and judgments we carry about ourselves.

When these beliefs are aligned with God’s word, we are good to go. But when our core beliefs are Negative Core Beliefs, it becomes an entirely different story.


What’s So Bad About Our Negative Core Beliefs?


Negative Core Beliefs are based on our perceptions, not on reality or facts. They are lies. Lies that we have been falling for our whole lives. And what we need to understand, is that Satan, the Father of lies, loves our negative core beliefs because they are not based on truth.

Some negative core beliefs about oneself might be,

“I am worthless.”

“I am inadequate.”

“I am a failure.”


Some negative core beliefs about other people might be,

“People will hurt me.”

“People are malicious.”

“People cannot be trusted.”


Some negative core beliefs about the world might be,

“The world is dangerous.”

“The world is unfair.”

“The world is scary.”

Negative Core Beliefs often develop in childhood. When we are children, we are not mature enough to look at our situations from all angles so as to understand them as a whole. If you don’t believe me, just try telling a toddler that it’s not all about him.

As children, we do not have a sense of the world outside of ourselves, and so we tend to take everything around us and towards us personally. We need answers to life, but our limited awareness at a young age causes us to create our own beliefs about how and why things are happening to us and around us.

Many times, these beliefs are created around someone else’s opinion, that we, in our immaturity, simply believe to be truth, because we are too young to form our own opinion that might counter it.

Everything We Experience Gets Filtered Through Our Negative Core Beliefs

I’m not going to go any deeper into Negative Core Beliefs here but I do teach about them in-depth in Chapter four of The Peace secured Program.

What I do want to make very clear to you here is that everything, and I do mean everything, we see, hear, learn and read gets filtered through our negative Core Beliefs. This means that every single relationship we have is adversely impacted by these negative beliefs, most importantly, our relationship with Jesus.

Friend, you will be amazed when you find out the strongholds Satan has on you through these lies you once created to protect yourself.

But let me reassure that there is absolute freedom from these strongholds.

We need to learn how to identify these internal lies and then replace them with God’s truths so that we are able to hear His word unfiltered if we are to fully walk in His truth.

If you would like to know more about identifying your Negative Core Beliefs and learning how you can break free from these crippling strongholds, I would love to talk with you! 

Friend, this truly is the most crucial step in healing from past wounds. I want you to begin that healing today.

Please comment below or reach out to me through email or Facebook messenger so we can get you started on this incredible road to healing.

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