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Hi There! I’m Renee White, author and life coach for women.


I love working with women who…

  • believe God’s truth that their past does not define them because they are now a new creation in Christ.
  • know and believe that their most important relationship is their relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • know and believe that the Lord has created them with great value to be a light in this world.
  • have a strong desire to love others the way Jesus loves.
  • are ready to break free from stress and anxiety while building a deeper relationship with Christ.

Private coaching with me would be a great fit for you if…

  • you feel like you’re in this struggle alone.
  • you’re involved in stressful or unhealthy relationships. (Spouse, family, friends, coworkers, etc.)
  • you feel overwhelmed.
  • you feel frustrated.
  • you find yourself repeating negative patterns of behavior that are not serving you. 
  • you need help with boundaries.
  • you need motivation and encouragement.
  • you need someone you can trust.
  • you are ready to heal and grow.
  • you feel like you need to reset, and refocus.

I get it! I was there once too. I do not want you to grow weary, dear woman, because God has incredible plans for you.

Let’s talk about how I can best equip, encourage, and energize you through private coaching.


Renee White has a God-given talent, coupled with professional training, that provides her with the ability to coach and guide women through some tough daily battles. As well as knowledge, wisdom, and perception beyond her years. The Christian advice she gives along with the tremendous practical help is valuable to use, not only for the moment, but for further help that can be drawn on.


I’m so very thankful for Renee!
God has gifted her with love, compassion, discernment, and dedication to truth that allows Renee to meet each woman right where they are at, without excuses, blame or shame. This environment is perfect for facilitating growth in the life of any woman dedicated to seeking a closer walk with Jesus! I know this first hand, as God has used private coaching with Renee to build my faith, expand my understanding, and embrace God’s love and healing in my life.


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