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I know what it’s like to be the strong one, the encourager, the nurturer, and the woman who strives to love others how Jesus taught me to love. But I also know what it’s like to grow weary, to feel discouraged, invisible, and wondering if I’m doing anything right sometimes.

This world isn’t easy.

This world is full of trouble. Jesus warned us of this. None of us make it through without being negatively impacted. Fear, anger, guilt, anxiety, unforgiveness, shame; these are our souvenirs from a fallen world.
This is why we should never forget that the most important relationship in our lives is our relationship with Jesus Christ. We need to nurture that relationship first if we ever hope to have God-honoring, healthy relationships with others.

First things first.

With all of my heart, I believe that I must first nurture my relationship with my Savior if I want to be the light He created me to be in this world. And I truly want to be that light!
The Lord has been showing me what matters, what doesn’t matter, and what it means to trust His word. It has been an incredibly life-changing journey that I am so thankful for.
It is my heart’s desire to bring you with me on this journey. I want to teach you, nurture you, encourage you and equip you so you can continue growing into the incredible woman God created you to be.
We all need love, guidance, support, and encouragement. I am making it my life’s work to assure that my sisters in Christ get just that!

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