We are not here by chance. We have an incredible God-given purpose for being right here, right now. God has amazing plans for us, and that’s why it’s so important for us to understand 7 things God expects of us as Christian women.

And guess what! The great part is that these 7 things are things that will keep us in His perfect peace that surpasses all understanding.


#1 God expects us to want to get closer to him.

God knows that he is our peace and therefore we need Him in order to have peace. This is why He removed the barrier of sin that separated us from Him. He did this knowing we would never have the peace we needed unless it came from a direct and personal relationship with Him.

Friend, God expects you to want to get closer to Him. If God is peace, and we know from His Word that He is, then to know God is to experience His peace – To know God is to dwell, or live, in His peace. This means that the closer, more intimate we are with him, the more we are able to experience His peace and His joy.

#2 God expects us to trust Him.

Let me assure you that the things in your life that are testing your faith are the very things  God is using to invite you into closer intimacy with him. Why? Because the Lord wants you to learn to trust him.

God knows it’s when we trust Him that we are able to accept from Him, a peace that surpasses all understanding. This peace is our gift that comes through trusting christ and is a peace that is not found in anyone who chooses to remain outside of Christ.

We must be willing to grow in our faith and grow in our relationship with the Lord so that we will learn what it means to truly trust Him in everything.

#3 God expects us to keep our focus on Him.

Isaiah 26: 3 says, you will keep in perfect peace the steadfast of mind because he trusts in you.

So, what does Isaiah mean by the steadfast of mind? The steadfast of mind are those of us who are willing to stay focused on the Lord and His purpose. His purpose is our purpose.

Friend, God tells us how we can have peace, even now in this troubled world. He tells us to keep our focus on His purpose.

Many plans are in a man’s heart,
but the purpose of the LORD will prevail.

Proverbs 19:21

We must make it a daily habit to stay focused on God’s purpose regardless of the circumstances of this world.

#4 God expects us to believe the value that we have through Him.

It makes sense that if the Lord created each of us for His Glory He surely created us with everything we need to bring that honor to Him.

Friend, we must believe that we are of great value to the Lord. Yes, apart from Him, we are sinners without hope, but He loves us and called us so that our lives would bring honor to Him.

This means that we are of great value to the Lord and the way that we live our lives is of great value to the Lord. Being of value to Him is what gives us great value.

#5 God expects us to want to heal.


God stays close to us and always offers us an opportunity to heal because He knows He is the only one capable of healing our wounds and He also knows that if we don’t allow him to heal our wounds, we will spend our lives bleeding all over the ones closest to us.

God’s plan for His believers is to show His love and His grace to a broken world. Friend, how can we be a light for others if we choose to remain broken?

#6 God expects us to want to grow.

God desires that we grow to become more like His Son. So, how do we become more like Jesus? By putting our faith into practice.

We need to make a conscious effort to learn and grow in Christ. God can and will use every single circumstance to grow us closer to Him, but we need to understand Him if we are to live like Him. God wants us to come to Him to learn and grow.

Imagine a father’s delight when his child turns to him for guidance. What loving father wouldn’t want to do everything in his power to assure that his children continue to grow and mature? How much more does our perfect heavenly father desire to do all that is in His power to strengthen us, mature us, and grow us in Him?

As we grow in our understanding of God’s love for us, our minds and our spirits begin to find peace in His power and His wisdom.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28

#7 God expects us to live in a way that glorifies Him.

To glorify the Lord is to be an example of His love, His grace, and His mercy. If we are to share His light with those around us, if we are to leave a legacy for Christ to our loved ones, we must first have experienced it ourselves. We must learn what it means to live in a way that honors the Lord.

We must be fully willing and fully engaged in the process of growing in intimacy with the Lord.

  • How can we honor a God we do not know?
  • How can we testify to a love we have not accepted?
  • How can we share a faith we have not acted on?

We need to learn to walk in these things ourselves before we can teach others to do the same.

Dear woman, God has incredible plans for you. He has plans for me too. In fact, I believe I’m fulfilling some of those plans by writing to you right now.

I pray you’ll be blessed.

Hi there! I’m Renee White!

I’m a Christian Life Coach for women and author and creator of the Peace Secured Study for Christian Women.

I am a sinner, saved by grace, an over-the-top happily married woman, and mom one boy, and three grown young men.

I absolutely love helping women develop a deeper, more intimate relationship with Jesus.

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