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I’m a wife, mother, author, and life coach for women. I am also a sinner, saved by grace, whose life is a picture of God’s amazing grace and forgiveness. I have a passion for God’s truths, that bring peace and I love helping Christian women, like you, stay focused on Christ while living in a world that isn’t.


If you’re feeling isolated or are struggling in any of these areas, coaching with me may be just what you need:

    • Marriage

    • Parenting

    • Relationships

    • Workplace

    • Stress and Anxiety

    • Divorce/Separation

    • Feeling Isolated

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    If you would like to know more about coaching, you can schedule a FREE consultation call or visit with me here:

    You can have incredible, life-changing peace, regardless of the circumstances of this crazy world.

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    Here’s a few more resources for you …

    Private Coaching With Renee

    If you would like to find out if private coaching is a good fit for you, or learn more about the Peace Secured study, you can schedule a FREE Consultation call with Renee here.

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    Renee's Blog

    Grab your favorite drink, find a cozy spot, and enjoy some blog posts that I pray will encourage you, equip you, and energize you!


    Get my 21-Day Devotional

    Need to reset? Grab a copy of my devotional Taking God at His Word.

    This 21-day devotional is a daily reminder that though the circumstances of this fallen world are changing fast, God’s word never changes.

    I want to encourage you, equip you, and energize you.

    As a Christian Life Coach, I am thrilled to be spending my days nurturing, encouraging, and helping women like you to heal from past hurts, break free from stress and anxiety and flourish in all of your relationships while building a deeper, more intimate relationship with the Lord.

    Here’ what the ladies are saying…

    God has worked so hard through Renee to help those of us who so needed to be closer to Him. I thank Him every day for working through her.”

    Terry B

    Renee has been so very helpful and supportive as I go through the journey of overcoming fear and anxiety. I’m grateful for Renee and her spiritual guidance in my life!


    I’m so very thankful for Renee!
    God has gifted her with love, compassion, discernment, and dedication to truth that allows Renee to meet each woman right where they are at, without excuses, blame, or shame. This environment is perfect for facilitating growth in the life of any woman dedicated to seeking a closer walk with Jesus! I know this first hand, as God has used private coaching with Renee to build my faith, expand my understanding, and embrace God’s love and healing in my life.


    Renee White has a God-given talent, coupled with professional training, that provides her with the ability to coach and guide women through some tough daily battles. As well as knowledge, wisdom, and perception beyond her years. The Christian advice she gives along with the tremendous practical help is valuable to use, not only for the moment, but for further help that can be drawn on. It is also valuable for learning how to help others along their journey. For me, it means being able to advise and guide not only other women with practical advice but my grandchildren as well.


    “Every time, every woman, every circumstance – the answer is Jesus.”

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